My brain helps me to create artistic images.
The other person's brain helps them understand my artistic images.
My brain makes me an artist-jeweler.


Tetyana Kalyuzhna is the hereditary jeweler, designer - jeweler artist.
She studied at the State Gemological Center of Ukraine.
She has the art, jewelry and gemological education.
In 1994 she practice on course "Jewelry design" in Bari (Italy); in 1996 became a student of the course "Diagnostics of synthetic diamonds" in Tel Aviv (Israel), and in 1998 mastered the technique of invisible fixing precious stones in Antwerp (Belgium).
Since 1996 she worked as creative designer and jeweler in Gallery of Tatyana Kalyuzhna.
Took part in more than 30 exhibitions in Ukraine and more than 9 exhibitions in countries such as Germany, Russia, Italy and Spain.
She is the author and creator of jewelry inspired by nature, architecture and colors.

Yes. Well, your delight to our bodies is now clear. But why a teapot in the form of a brain? But I see from the coal the Brain with a stylized laurel crown.

Damir Avertone


2004, Medal for significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian culture and art, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine;

2013, National record for the creation unique miner's helmet created with silver, coal and black diamonds, National Register of
Records of Ukraine, Donetsk, Ukraine;

2016, Order of Franz Birnbaum for outstanding services in the
development of jewelry, Faberge Memorial Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Where do you get coal from?

Damir Avertone
Well , do you work under the order? Here you will be offered to make what they want and
how do you react to this?

Damir Avertone

Basically, they ask me to draw them or offer them a draft design, what I can do for the occasion that they need. And then we discuss the cost.

I have no competitors. Smiling. But I have a lot of ideas for new images.

Thank you Tatiana for this interview. It was very interesting and informative for me and I think that my readers will also like it very much.

Damir Avertone
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