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Treasury of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine stores about 56.000 exhibits. It’s the gold and silver jewelry from different periods of history: jewelry of nomad tribes of Scythians and Sarmatians, who lived in the area of Ukraine more than 2.000 years ago; medieval gold adornments of Kyivan Rus'; silver items of Cossack period. Russia tries to deny Ukrainian history and Ukrainian culture, but these exhibits are silent evidence of rich Ukrainian culture.

The researching of the contemporary jewelry art of Ukraine lead to the conclu- sion, that the jewelers of nowadays are worthy successors of ancient jewelers. Contemporary art last few months has very difficult period, but after Russian invasion Ukrainian artists have become a part of cultural front. The symbols of love to Ukraine and hatred to the enemies, amulets and jewelry with deep philosophical meaning were created after 24th February 2022. The thoughts and feelings of artists are expressed in metal and stone.
Museum has to connect civil society and has to give the power for people in this most difficult time. According to idea about the museum as the cultural hub there was organized the exhibition in the Treasury with jewelry, made after the Russian invasion.
The exhibition of contemporary jewelry was called “Ukraine, which is fighting”. It took place from 20th of October 2022 in the 3rd hall of the museum, where the gold of Scythians is represented and dated from 4th c. BC. It was an idea to show connection between generations of jewelers.
The “Flower of Donbass”, made by Tetyana Kalyuzhnaya, who was forced to leave Donetsk in 2014, is made of coal. This piece of art says: Donbas is Ukraine, after liberation from the Russian occupation, it will be flourishing again.

Brooch, “Flower of Donbass”. Coal, silver, Dutch metal. Tetyana Kalyuzhnaya, Donetsk – Kyiv.

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